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Skydive Uluru Packages
A Tandem Skydive means that you are attached to a professional Tandem Instructor (1 passenger = 1 Tandem Instructor)

Fly up to skydive altitude passing right by Uluru (Ayers Rock) with views of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), Mt. Connor and Lake Amadeus.

Option1: Uluru Tandem Skydive (with free fall)

Exit the aircraft from 12,000 feet or 10,000 feet. Enjoy a longer, thrilling free fall and a parachute ride of 4-5 minutes. Uluru is right there in front of you!

Option 2: Uluru Tandem Scenic Parachute Ride
Exit the aircraft and enjoy a blissfully silent parachute ride and scenic view of Uluru (Ayers Rock) when your parachute opens shortly after leaving the plane. Enjoy a longer than usual parachute ride of 8-10 minutes. Prices are the same as listed below for this experience.

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*Valid for 12,000ft Uluru Tandem Skydiving (Sunrise, Day Time, or Sunset).
Offer valid for purchase made before 31 December 2018 (It doesn't mean you have to go skydiving before 31 December, ticket valid until 31st March 2020!)
Conditions apply.

Uluru Tandem Skydive 10,000 feet (Minimum 2 people for this option)
Day time jump (Group of 2+) - $399.00 per person BOOK NOW

Uluru Tandem Skydive 12,000 feet
Day time jump (Group of 2+) - $425 per person BOOK NOW

Day time jump (Group of 1) - $525 per person BOOK NOW

Sunrise jump (Group of 2+) - $525 per person BOOK NOW

Sunrise jump (Group of 1) - $625 per person BOOK NOW

Sunset jump (Group of 2+) - $525 per person BOOK NOW

Sunset jump (Group of 1) - $625 per person BOOK NOW

HD Video&Photo package - $145.00 per person

Note: all prices are in Australian dollars and GST inclusive. APF levy is included in the listed price.

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